Post-Brexit science landscape – Parliamentary Links Day 2016

By Dr Aoife Kiely, Research Associate at the UCL Institute of Neurology

Intro panel
From left: Stephen Metcalfe MP, Nicola Blackwood MP, Jo Johnson MP, Dr Stephen Benn and Rt Hon John Bercow MP. Photo: RSB

The morning of the Parliamentary Links Day I woke up nervous. I’m not generally a ‘business formal’ style of scientist so the imposter syndrome fear of standing out, or going wrong loomed large. However, any nerves were dwarfed by my excitement to take part in the event and meet other delegates and find out what plans politicians had to support UK science post-Brexit.  Continue reading

Insights from EMBL – ribosome profiling and other highlights

By Dr Matthew Brook, University of Edinburgh

Lecture Seminar

The EMBO  conference on ‘Protein Synthesis and Translational Control’, held at EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany in autumn 2015, is without a doubt the main European meeting for the mRNA translation field and as such, is the forum at which it is crucial for Early Career Researchers like myself to present data and gain real-time ‘peer review’ from the world leaders in the field.

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Supportive and collaborative culture among social amoeba specialists

By Dr Jason King, Advanced Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, University of Sheffield


This August I attended the 2015 International Dictyostelium meeting at Royal Holloway in London. Although I have attended this meeting several times in the past, I had only just started my own research group in Sheffield, so felt this was an important opportunity to build the collaborations that will be essential for me to succeed in my new life as a boss. Fortunately, a Biochemical Society travel grant meant that I was able to go, as well as one of my PhD students.

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Crystal Clear Visibility in Vercelli


By Pietro Roversi, Research Associate, University of Oxford

I am a Research Associate at Oxford University and I attended the annual meeting of the Italian Crystallographic Association (AIC) held in Vercelli, Italy, 14-18 september 2015. As it turned out, the AIC president had organised a special structural biology symposium straight after my talk, which was on the last morning of the meeting. This meant that I gave my talk in front of the whole Italian structural biology community – plus a few invited speakers from the UK!

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