Supportive and collaborative culture among social amoeba specialists

By Dr Jason King, Advanced Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, University of Sheffield


This August I attended the 2015 International Dictyostelium meeting at Royal Holloway in London. Although I have attended this meeting several times in the past, I had only just started my own research group in Sheffield, so felt this was an important opportunity to build the collaborations that will be essential for me to succeed in my new life as a boss. Fortunately, a Biochemical Society travel grant meant that I was able to go, as well as one of my PhD students.

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Crystal Clear Visibility in Vercelli


By Pietro Roversi, Research Associate, University of Oxford

I am a Research Associate at Oxford University and I attended the annual meeting of the Italian Crystallographic Association (AIC) held in Vercelli, Italy, 14-18 september 2015. As it turned out, the AIC president had organised a special structural biology symposium straight after my talk, which was on the last morning of the meeting. This meant that I gave my talk in front of the whole Italian structural biology community – plus a few invited speakers from the UK!

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Translation UK – protein production, control process and prestige



Translation UK was held for the first time at the University of Aberdeen, from July 7-9, 2015, on the beautiful King’s College campus.  Translation UK is a prestigious annual conference that brings together scientists from all over the world investigating protein production and the control processes regulating it.

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Collaborations, candid expressions and humble hero all present at The Molecular Mechanisms in Signal Transduction and Cancer


By Jason Saunders Williams, PHD STUDENT AND TEACHING ASSOCIATE, Bangor University

‘This unique advanced lecture course, Molecular Mechanisms in Signal Transduction and Cancer, brought together leaders in signal transduction research and PhD students from across the globe. The course, held in Spetses, Greece in August 2015, had an intense schedule of lectures, with researchers first going back to the basics of how they made their seminal discoveries and later describing their current research.

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Insights into platelet protein signalling from across the pond

By Anthony Battram, DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY STUDENT, University of Bristol

My PhD project focuses on the role and regulation of the protein . Professor Wolfgang Bergmeier and his group based at the University of North Carolina in the USA have recently characterised a thrombocytopenic mouse strain (hlb mice) that has a large decrease in Rasa3 expression and is therefore a useful tool to study the function of this protein in platelets. This prompted me to arrange a visit to the Bergmeier laboratory. During this trip I generated some very useful data concerning the role of Rasa3 in ‘outside-in’ integrin signalling in platelets. An example of a microscope image from my visit showing spreading of platelets from hlb mice is shown below.

Anthony Battram

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