Understanding the molecular with biochemistry and biophysics

By Emma Pettengale, Commissioning Editor, Portland Press

Why the molecular?

Molecular biosciences explore the structure and function of biomolecules within your cells and the processes that allow cells to live, reproduce and communicate with each other. Biomolecules are the building blocks for all life on Earth, from the simplest viruses, through bacteria to complex eukaryotic organisms and underpin the processes of transcription, translation, replication and cell function.

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Insights from EMBL – ribosome profiling and other highlights

By Dr Matthew Brook, University of Edinburgh

Lecture Seminar

The EMBO  conference on ‘Protein Synthesis and Translational Control’, held at EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany in autumn 2015, is without a doubt the main European meeting for the mRNA translation field and as such, is the forum at which it is crucial for Early Career Researchers like myself to present data and gain real-time ‘peer review’ from the world leaders in the field.

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Supportive and collaborative culture among social amoeba specialists

By Dr Jason King, Advanced Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, University of Sheffield


This August I attended the 2015 International Dictyostelium meeting at Royal Holloway in London. Although I have attended this meeting several times in the past, I had only just started my own research group in Sheffield, so felt this was an important opportunity to build the collaborations that will be essential for me to succeed in my new life as a boss. Fortunately, a Biochemical Society travel grant meant that I was able to go, as well as one of my PhD students.

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