Crystal Clear Visibility in Vercelli


By Pietro Roversi, Research Associate, University of Oxford

I am a Research Associate at Oxford University and I attended the annual meeting of the Italian Crystallographic Association (AIC) held in Vercelli, Italy, 14-18 september 2015. As it turned out, the AIC president had organised a special structural biology symposium straight after my talk, which was on the last morning of the meeting. This meant that I gave my talk in front of the whole Italian structural biology community – plus a few invited speakers from the UK!

As I am about to start my independent career – and job opportunities in Italy interest me, I could not have hoped for better visibility, and indeed at the meeting I have been invited to present my work at University of Padua (Professor Giuseppe Zanotti, Professor, University of Padova) and at the Italian Synchrotron facility in Trieste (Dr. Doriano Lamba, Deputy Head of the IC-CNR Trieste Oustation and Senior Scientist, Istituto di Cristallografia, Italy).


In Vercelli I also took part in the Round Table about the International Union of Crystallography Legacy project of the International Year of Crystallography 2014 (IYCr2014). In particular we discussed the future of the crystallography book, aimed at sixth formers and university first year students, which I co-authored with two colleagues as part of IYCr2014. The book has been translated from Italian to English and Spanish and the translations are in the process of being edited and published by the IUCr.

The travel grant I received from the Biochemical Society was crucial for my participation to the meeting because the research I presented there and the book stem from work I did before joining Professor Nicole Zitzmann´s (Professor, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford) laboratory I belong to at present.

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