Fresh ideas for the classroom at the 40th Federation of European Biochemical Societies Congress


By Isabel Soto-Cruz, PROFESSOR, National University of Mexico

This was a very interesting and large scientific congress and I updated my knowledge in leading research areas, such as chromatin structure and epigenetic modifications and maintenance of the genome; translational control and protein turnover and mechanisms of membrane transport as well as systems biology in stem cells, which are outside my own research area. This allowed me to communicate this interesting information to my students in the classroom.

I found the workshop, Federation of European Biochemical Societies Education Session: Research in Undergraduate Education, very interesting and helpful. We had stimulating discussions and exchanged good tips to improve understanding of biochemistry in the classroom and to encourage students to pursue scientific careers.

Also, I enjoyed attending sessions on: Comprehensive Models of Metabolism and Signalling; Autophagy and Degradation; Targeted Cancer Therapy, and Redox – Regulation and Biological Activities, the content of which were related to my own research area. This information helped me to find new research directions. Also, the discussion of my work with researchers from different universities at the poster session allowed me to explain some of my results and to get fresh ideas to solve some technical problems.

I was able to attend this Congress thanks to the funds given by the National University of Mexico and The Biochemical Society.

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