Daniel Ungar benefits from wisdom of Nobel Laureates at Molecular Membrane Gordon Research Conference

Plant Stem Cell

‘I attended the Molecular Membrane Biology GRC in July. This conference is one of the foremost meetings of the membrane trafficking community. Highlights included talks by recent Nobel Laureates Jim Rothman and Randy Scheckman. Several aspects of the meeting have helped me directly in my work. Aligned with the trademark tradition of the GRCs the talks at the meeting presented recent unpublished data, which allowed me to stay on top of the most current trends in the field.

A second attractive feature of the conference was the ample amount of free time, which allowed me to do a lot of networking both with colleagues whom I have ongoing collaborations with, such as Vladimir Lupashin from Little Rock (Arkansas), but also initiate new collaborations. One such new collaboration will be with Yanzhuang Wang from the University of Michigan.

The final aspect of the meeting that will be very helpful for my future plans was the very open and interactive poster session. I presented a poster on our recent work investigating the effect of Golgi homeostasis on glycosylation during stem cell differentiation. This received a very good amount of useful feedback, including long discussions with a couple of journal editors, which should help us to finalize our work for publication.

Daniel Ungar - grcphoto_2015_molecmemb_Page_1

Overall the meeting was very successful in terms of new knowledge that I gathered, collaborations both old and new that were brokered and solidified, and for feedback on our work. I am grateful for the financial support that allowed me to attend this meeting.’

Daniel Ungar

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