Robert Baldock gains insight and employment at Genomic Integrity Conference in Australia thanks to travel grant from Biochemical Society


‘I am currently in the final year of my PhD program in the Genome Damage and Stability Centre at the University of Sussex. Thanks to the generous support from the Biochemical Society I was able to attend the Genomic Integrity conference on the other side of the world in Cairns, Australia.

The conference itself saw a wide array of talks from experts from across the world. I felt privileged to see all of the progress made through both basic and translational research into DNA damage signalling, DNA replication including an exciting talk from Cynthia McMurray showing promising new therapies for rare genetic disorders that have previously been considered life-limiting.

More importantly for me, this conference gave me the chance to showcase my own research to a body of PhD students, post-docs and principal investigators. My research was met very positively with both critical and constructive feedback. I hope to utilise this feedback to strengthen our lab’s scientific story when we come to publish this work.

At the conference there were ample opportunities to engage with colleagues throughout the week both during meals and coffee breaks, to a once-in-lifetime glass-bottom boat tour of the Great Barrier Reef. The latter of which proved a unique talking point.

Back to the science however, the icing on the cake was an offer to continue my career as a post-doctoral scientist in the USA from a researcher who was impressed with the work I had achieved during my PhD.

Finally, I would again like to express my gratitude to the Biochemical Society for offering these grants and providing this invaluable step-up in my scientific career.’

Robert Baldock


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