Tajekesa Blee discovers ceilidh whilst attending Translations UK in Aberdeen


‘Thanks to the support of the University of Edinburgh funding and the Biochemical Society Student Bursary, I was able to attend and present my work at the Translation UK independent meeting in Aberdeen (7-9th July). Being a final year PhD student, the conference offered a great opportunity to engage with members of my field which encompasses post-transcriptional control of gene expression, protein modifications and RNA biology. The sessions by the Biochemical Society invited speakers provided great depth into specific aspects of post-transcriptional control and the delegate talks allowed an insight into ongoing and novel research, latest technologies and methods within the field.

I was also able to present my data in a poster format and gained important critical feedback in preparation for completing my laboratory work, thesis and viva. Discussions during the poster session opened avenues for future project collaborations which increased confidence in my scientific potential and to top it off, I was also awarded a prize for the best poster presentation at the conference.

Networking was highly encouraged between sessions allowing further discussions about career progression with regards to post-doctoral opportunities with leading investigators and peers. Furthermore, the conference organisers excelled at integrating the attendees with a conference dinner followed by ceilidh which introduced many of us to the local culture.

The Biochemical Society have been constantly generous with examples of previous impactful contributions being an 8 week Student Vacation Scholarship which initiated my interest in research and sponsored attendance to the FEBS Young Scientists Forum which integrated me with like-minded peers, therefore I am very grateful for their ongoing support throughout my career development.’

Tajekesa Blee

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