Michal Handzlik attends the BCVS Scientific Sessions in New Orleans thanks to travel grant from the Biochemical Society


The annual meeting of the Basic Cardiovascular Sciences (BCVS) Scientific Sessions is considered by many to be the premier cardiovascular research meeting in the world and attracts key, internationally-recognized leaders in the field. The program includes a diverse array of speakers, representing the best cardiovascular scientists from around the world. As a final-year PhD student, I attended the BCVS conference to present a poster, put my study into a broader context of heart biology, and receive feedback from some of the world’s most eminent figures in cardiac physiology.

The BCVS meeting proved to be an excellent opportunity to communicate my research findings and gain recognition for the University Of Nottingham. The major focus of the conference was on novel signalling pathways regulating cardiac remodeling in health and disease.

At the BCVS meeting I presented a poster on the effects of forced pyruvate dehydrogenase complex activity on isolated mouse heart function and metabolism subjected to acute hypoxia. The poster gained significant attention, recognition and stimulated inspiring discussions with other scientists. The meeting program included priceless network workshops allowing junior scientists to discuss their careers with world-class leaders in the field.

Furthermore, gaining invaluable feedback on my work will be of great benefit for writing my work up. Receiving critical appraisal of the work from the leading researchers in the field stimulated me to generate new ideas and to look at my work from a different angle. Moreover, discussions with other students, post-docs and PIs provided me with the further opportunity to advance my understanding of the effects of altered metabolic flux on myocardial function and cardiac energetics. Importantly, I do hope these discussions will result in long-lasting prospective collaborations.

Michal Handzlik photo

I would like to thank the Biochemical Society for funding and support all the way through, which allowed me to attend this conference.

Michal Handzlik

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