Rebecca Thompson attends conference in the USA thanks to Biochemical Society Travel Grant


I am a final year PhD student from the University of Leeds. I received a travel grant to attend the three-dimensional electron microscopy Gordon conference ‘Breaking Barriers to Go Beyond Structure: Describing Functional States and Biological Context’ which was held in the beautiful New London, New Hampshire, USA.

Cryo-electron microscopy has been transformed in the last few years because of advances in hardware such as direct electron detectors, as well as improvements in processing. It was very exciting to see the latest developments and results from around the world, many of the speakers were leaders of the field.

Many talks at the conference focused on the latest methods development, and mechanisms to validate structures. This was especially useful and gave me many ideas that I will be applying to my PhD now I am back!

I presented a poster of some of the work I have carried out in my PhD, it was very interesting to discuss the work and receive feedback from a varied audience with a broad range of scientific backgrounds.

Rebecca Thompson
A picture from our hike during an afternoons planned activity, a hike up a local mountain. I am second from the left, accompanied by members of CCPEM UK and Saskia Bakker, a career development fellow at University of Glasgow.

As a final year PhD student I found the networking opportunities invaluable, I made contacts with PI’s from around the world which I will be able to utilize when exploring the options for my next career steps.

Rebecca Thompson


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