#MotivationalMonday 130 years ago today Louis Pasteur gave the first successful anti-rabies innoculation


Louis Pasteur; December 27, 1822 – September 28, 1895) a French chemist and microbiologist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization. Remembered for his remarkable breakthroughs in the causes and preventions of diseases, and his discoveries have saved countless lives ever since. He reduced mortality from puerperal fever, and created the first vaccines for rabies and anthrax. His medical discoveries provided direct support for the germ theory of disease and its application in clinical medicine.

One hundred and thirty years ago today Pasteur successfully administered the first anti-rabies innoculation.  Best known to the general public for his invention of the technique of treating milk and wine to stop bacterial contamination, a process now called pasteurization.

Pasteur was responsible for crushing the doctrine of spontaneous generation. He performed experiments that showed that without contamination, microorganisms could not develop. Under the auspices of the French Academy of Sciences, he demonstrated that in sterilized and sealed flasks nothing ever developed, and in sterilized but open flasks microorganisms could grow. This experiment won him the Alhumbert Prize of the academy.

RozbehB - 160

On 6th August we will be presenting Dr Rozbeh Baradaran with the Early Career Research Award, for work undertaken at his post at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  To share in Dr Baradaran’s achievement and to possibly witness history in the making why not join us at Charles Darwin House. See details of how to attend here.

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