Dr Amy Cameron gains valuable insight into her research with the aid of a Travel Grant from the Biochemical Society


American Diabetes Association 75th Scientific Sessions conference, Boston, USA.

My current research involves investigating the mechanism of action of metformin, the number one drug treatment for type 2 diabetes.

Attending this event was an extremely useful experience as it is the top international conference in the diabetes field and brings together over 14,000 participants with a global presence from 124 countries. It provided me with an excellent opportunity to meet contemporaries within my field from both a basic science and clinical background.

This was my first chance to attend this meeting and I had an accepted abstract to present a poster during the meeting. The conference was held over five days with particular talk session highlights being molecular mechanisms of metformin action and a talk in another session by Marc Foretz.

During the talks and the poster sessions it was very useful to see what other scientists; especially from labs based in America who I generally don’t get to interact with; are working on. These presentations have given me lots to think about and have allowed me to view my results in a different light. During my poster presentation I received a number of really helpful inputs from other scientists.

As some of my work is immunology based, which is something new to me, it was great to get an immunologist’s insight into my data. From the meeting I now have a new list of experiments to take my research forward. An added bonus was setting up a new exciting collaboration which was instigated at the meeting and introducing myself to other PIs in the field.

Amy Cameron

Dr Amy Cameron, Postdoctoral Research Assistant,

Division of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Medicine, University of Dundee.

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