George Baker enjoys valuable learning and networking opportunity thanks to Travel Grant from the Biochemical Society

George Baker

’19th International Conference on Cytochrome P450 Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structure (ICCP450)

National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

These international conferences focus on the structure, function and mechanism of cytochrome P450s which are heme-containing monooxygenases which are found in almost every organism. P450s are responsible for the phase I clearance of 90% of all marketed xenobiotics making them of particular interest to the pharmaceutical industry and their diverse reaction chemistry is responsible for their biotechnological exploitation.

At it’s inception in 1976 these conferences were started as a means to bridge academic communications between eastern bloc and western countries.

The biennial conferences now bring about 300 researchers from across the world and the last 3 conferences have been in Seattle, Manchester and Croatia.

The majority of the talks were given by professors and PIs which was a great way to see what questions the different groups were tackling and the various approaches they were taking. The highlight was able to see and speak to some of the greatest contributors and pioneers if the P450 field, namely professor Tsuneo Omura who described and named the first P450 enzyme in his keystone paper in 1964 along with the late professor Ryo Sato.

As a final year PhD student this was a great opportunity to meet and speak with the members of other labs to discuss my research at this crucial point and scout for potential job opportunities.’

By George Baker, Munro Group, University of Manchester, UK

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