May Oo Khin able to attend the ADA Scientific Sessions in Boston, USA thanks to Travel Grant from Biochemical Society

ADA2015_photo_MAY OO KHIN

‘I am writing this report to show my gratitude towards the Biochemical Society for their kind financial support that enabled me to attend the 75th American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions, in Boston, USA from 5th to 9th June, 2015.

I am originally from Myanmar and am a qualified medical practitioner, since December 2008. Currently, I am doing my PhD entitled ‘Metformin in Gestational Diabetes and Role of Vitamin B12 deficiency in Treatment Failure’ at University of Warwick and will submit my thesis by the end of August. After completing my PhD, I will continue my research training in diabetes by pursuing as a post-doctoral fellow and finally become an independent leading researcher in the field of diabetes.

I am always seeking opportunities to disseminate my research and expand my knowledge with the latest innovations in diabetes by publications and attending conferences. By presenting a poster at the largest diabetes conference like ADA, it was a perfect opportunity for me. Not only because I can showcase my work to my fellow colleagues, but also because I have a chance to make important contact with other diabetes experts from both clinical and scientific backgrounds.

I had a particularly productive discussion with one endocrinologist presenter from The University of Texas at the meeting and have discussed the possibility of future collaboration regarding metformin’s effect on placental vasculopathy in diabetic mothers. Moreover, the plenary sessions, oral presentations and the lectures included all of the important and current issues in diabetes and obesity covering both clinical (pregnancy, importance of diet) and scientific (brown adipose tissue and newer insights into molecular action of metformin) aspects.

Overall, the ADA meeting not only enlightened my medical knowledge but also gave me a chance to make important connections with diabetes experts from all over the world. I believe that the knowledge I gained and the important gaps I identified from this meeting will be of great support for my fellowship applications in very near future.’

May Oo Khin

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