Cancer Research Centre Researcher gains valuable insight to his work thanks to Biochemical Society Travel Grant

American Association for Cancer 2015

‘I am a postdoctoral researcher working at the Cancer Research Centre at the University of Southampton. Thanks to the Biochemical Society travel grant awarded I was able to attend the American Association for Cancer 2015 Research meeting held in Philadelphia, USA.

This is one of the main Cancer related meetings bringing together researchers, clinicians and patient advocates where the latest discoveries in basic, translational and clinical are discussed. At the meeting I presented a poster entitled “Lysine specific demethylase 1 inhibition attenuates enzalutamide resistant androgen receptor V7 splice variant activation”. Indeed several presentations highlighted the importance of this work by suggesting that androgen mutations are one of the most common molecular mechanisms of resistance to treatment.

Also other groups indicated that of all the androgen receptor splice variants, V7 is the most clinically relevant and commonly found in patients. I was able to listen from renowned group leader’s talk about the more recent work done within their groups but also their opinion on the future of research in prostate cancer and future approaches to treat this type of cancer.

The meeting provided an excellent opportunity to further my network by allowing me to contact several scientists working in different aspects of prostate cancer. During the poster presentation of my work I was approached by several groups keen on commenting on my research results and providing useful feedback on the future direction of our research project. Also several pharmaceutical companies were interested in one novel compound used in our project that showed excellent results in inhibiting prostate cancer development.’

Sergio Miguel Regufe da Mota

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