Early Career Bursaries launched

Plane flying We are pleased today to be introducing Early Career Bursaries – a new grant to help our members attend our science conferences and support their careers.

The new Bursaries provide up to £300 to help with travel costs when attending our Focused Meetings in the UK and abroad. They are part of the more than £200,000 in grants the Biochemical Society provides each year to advance the molecular biosciences.

We’re been working hard to support our Early Career Members over the years, including through our General Travel Grants, which provide funding to help attend any conference, and International Sponsored Places, covering costs of attending major international conferences run by our overseas partners.

The new Bursaries complement these, by assisting with travel costs to attend our multi-day Focused Meetings. These meetings – of which there are 8 this year – cover an exciting range of science, such the bio-catalysis for biofuel, carbohydrate active enzymes, and GPCRs, to name just an upcoming few.

Importantly, together with our other grants, the new Bursaries mean Early Career Members are now eligible for travel funding grants from the Society every year.

This is all on top of our substantial conference discounts, personal access to our journals, FEBS Fellowships and a host of other member benefits.

Early Career Membership is available to those in the first 10 years after completing their studies and costs just £41 a year.

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