In2science: my summer experience

This year the Biochemical Society sponsored five students through the in2science programme, a scheme that provides lab placements for gifted A-level students from low income backgrounds. One of the funded students, Ashley Futcher from Writhlington school, spent two weeks with Jim Caunt (Biochemical Society Local Ambassador) at the University of Bath.

Read how Ashley found his experience below . . .

Dr Caunt  Ashley 2 (2)
Dr Jim Caunt with Ashley Futchers

“The time which I spent in the lab with practicing scientists has really opened my eyes to how they do their jobs, be that either for a course of action to reduce contaminating samples, or how to overcome problems in procedures if the results appear to be incorrect.

I had the pleasure of talking to my supervisor Dr. Christopher Caunt and one of his colleagues Prof. Sue Wonnacott about their academic journeys. I felt inspired when I had this chance to talk to both professors and other students, to continue my studies onto university in my most intriguing subject, Biology. The experience I have gained from both procedures and protocols, which I have either carried out or observed, has been insightful and fun to learn. In addition, learning different techniques, as well as how to use some of the equipment, has been an interesting challenge.

This time I have spent at the university has really fortified my decision to continue onto higher education to study Biological Sciences at a great university like Bath, and to enlighten me of the prospect of staying onto university to conduct research. Lastly, I would like to thank both Dr. Caunt and Chris Bryant, for guiding me throughout my duration of the two week scheme, along with in2Science for this opportunity.”

Dr Jim Caunt said . . .

“I first heard about in2science at the Biochemical Society Local Ambassador’s Day. I remember how impressed I was with the project and was keen to support it, so was very pleased when I heard it was to be rolled out to Bath. It was great to meet the students, who were so bright and interested: most pleasing of all was seeing the students experience the thrill of discovery that gets so many of us hooked on science. It was also very useful for us to get a perspective on what the student’s perceptions of work in a research lab might be like before coming to university. This is a great scheme and we look forward to participating again soon.”

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