Would you like to organize a Harden Conference?

Unique to the Biochemical Society, Harden Conferences are four to five-day residential research conferences covering a specialist topic within the molecular biosciences. The conferences bring together scientists from various backgrounds with a common interest in – but varying approaches to – the topic of the conference. Harden Conference proceedings are not published in order to promote the discussion of novel research. Harden Conferences are by application only and often oversubscribed.

To date, 73 Harden Conferences have taken place, with the first one held in 1969. This summer two Harden Conferences will take place in Cambridge and Sheffield:

EMBO Conference – Helicases and Nucleic Acid Translocases Co-sponsored by the Harden Conferences
4—8 August 2013
Robinson College, Cambridge, UK
Now sold out!

75th Harden Conference – Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Structure and Function in Mammalian Health and Disease
1—5 September 2013
University of Sheffield, UK
Limited places still available to apply for!

The Society has a slot available for a Harden Conference to take place in 2014. If agreed by the Meetings Board, Harden Conferences will receive full funding and secretariat support. In addition, the Society will make travel bursaries and full or partly sponsored free places available for graduate students and those who gained their PhD in the last five years.

Next proposal deadline: 1 September 2013

For more information and to submit your proposal, visit the website.

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