FREE school resources from Genetic Disorders UK

Guest post by Lizzie Bishop (Genetics Disorders UK)

gduklogoNational Science and Engineering Week starts tomorrow and is a great opportunity to help your pupils understand how science relates to their everyday lives.  Inspire the next generation of scientists using free fun and participatory activities from children’s charity, Genetic Disorders UK (

  • Use ready-made assembly presentations during the week to help pupils think about the genes we share and the genes that make us all unique
  • Help pupils understand the influence that genes have on our everyday lives, from the colour of our eyes to the way our bodies work, grow and develop with their fun and easy to understand animation
  • Plus, their range of 4 minute films are suitable for students at key stages 1-2 and help personalise rare genetic conditions as well as some of the more well-known disorders like sickle cell anaemia.

Make the most of your Science Week with these and even more school resources for key stages 1-4 at


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