Women in Biochemistry Discussions Sessions begin in Edinburgh

Amy Buck and Ying Poi Liu
Amy Buck and Ying Poi Liu

On the 15 January the Society held our first Women in Biochemistry Discussion Session at part of our activities for Celebrating Women in Biochemistry 2013.

As part of the Society’s conference programme throughout the year many of the Society conferences will also have a session devoted to discussion and networking for women in science. The  conference on Biogenesis and turnover in small RNAs in Edinburgh was the first of these events.

The session was chaired by Amy Buck (University of Edinburgh), Amy Pasquinelli (UC San Diego) and Niamh Mangan (Biochemical Society) and discussion covered a range of topics including role models, ambition, positive discrimination and cultural differences. Ying Poi Liu, who attended the session said, “It was the first time in my whole career that I have attended anything like this.”

If you are attending any of the Society’s Focused Meetings in 2013 look out for more information on these sessions.

Celebrating Women in Biochemistry Launch Reception.

Next up in 2013 is the Launch Reception for Celebrating Women in Biochemistry 2013 on 7 February 2013. The event will showcase the Society’s broader ‘Women in Science’ work and our planned events throughout 2013.

Register online 


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