Future Fridays: Career profile of a Senior Analyst at Marketing Information and Research

Rachel DonnellanAs part of Future Fridays we will be showcasing profiles from our careers library for 16-18 year olds who are considering their options. Here’s an extract from Rachel Donnellan’s profile, who is a Senior Analyst at Marketing Information and Research .


What did you study at university?

After a ‘false start’ doing a year of History at Oxford University, I switched courses to study a four year integrated Masters degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. I was missing the science I had studied at A-Level and thought that the course seemed to cover a wide range of topics, including cell biology, genetics and DNA, microbiology and viruses, and even biophysics. I was also aware that a biochemistry degree could lead on to a wider range of careers for me than history could – both in science and other areas.

What did you like best about your degree?

My four years as an undergraduate certainly didn’t disappoint, as we were exposed to so many cutting-edge topics, taught by brilliant leaders in their field. What really sparked my interest was the areas we studied that highlighted the relevance and importance of biochemistry to our lives. I was particularly interested in the development of drugs and how drugs affect our bodies. I decided to pursue this interest with a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

What are the main duties of your current role?

Now my main role in my current job is to look at how the company’s current ‘blockbuster product’ is doing out in the real world, such as how it is perceived and how well it is selling. The job requires working with many other departments in the company, such as sales, finance, marketing and promotion.

You can read the full profile and other profiles from the library at www.biochemistry.org/careers

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