Future Fridays

Richard Hinde
Richard Hinde

To launch our new library of case studies aimed at inspiring school students about careers in and from biochemistry, on Friday’s we will be posting weekly extracts from the profiles showcasing the best bits. First up is Richard Hinde, a Senior Consultant at Datamonitor Healthcare Consulting . . .

What does your current role involve?

I work for Datamonitor Healthcare Consulting, a global company that helps clients at pharmaceutical companies in many areas, including advising on strategies, assessing new markets and improving drug offerings to increase patient benefits.

What skills are needed, other than scientific knowledge, to do the job?

Analytical skills are very important to the role, as you must be able to study information with exceptional attention to detail and then present it in the most concise, informative and easily accessible format possible. Communication skills are therefore also very important both to understand the client’s needs and deliver what they want.

What are your favourite aspects of the job?

The working hours are sometimes long, but compared to other similar jobs I am really very lucky. I love working with large companies across the world and knowing that my work can impact how patients are treated. I also really enjoy the group of people I work with who are incredibly talented and knowledgeable.

You can read Richard’s full profile, along with other case studies, at www.biochemistry.org/Education/Careers/Careerprofiles

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