LESIS More at the University of Birmingham

Guest blog post: Ben Turnbull and Emmie Bryant, 4th year integrated masters (MSci) students in the School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham.

Ben and Emmie with Alice Roberts
Ben and Emmie with Alice Roberts

We started the Life and Environmental Science Interface Series (LESIS More) when we noted that there was a large range of topics in the life sciences which individuals may not experience due to the limitations of their curriculum or research interests. Many topics transcend the academic boundaries limited by the school system and we felt these would be perfect for a supplementary talk series. We have been engaging with students and staff alike to try and find topics which are interesting to a wide range of people from new first year undergraduates all the way up to esteemed professors.

Topics so far have included ‘Artificial and Natural Intelligence’, ‘Astrobiology’, and most recently ‘Public Engagement in Science’ given by the academic and broadcaster Professor Alice Roberts.

The funding received from the Biochemical Society has enhanced the experience we are able to provide to our guests by allowing us to provide refreshments. This means the talks can be held semi informally with refreshments available throughout and encouraging guests to engage in casual discussion after the talks over drinks.

We hope that the initiative will be passed on to passionate students after us, to continue this as a strong, student-led project which will enhance the experience of students and staff alike at the University of Birmingham.

Student Society Grants

Each year, the Society provides a number of small grants of £100 to support events organized by student societies relating to molecular bioscience. The events may be social events or more formal academic-related events such as a sponsored invited speaker. Further information is available on the Society’s website.

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