Scientific Outreach Grant awardees announced for Autumn 2012

We are pleased to announce the awardees of the next round of Biochemical Society Scientific Outreach Grants. These grants support innovative and engaging events or activities for school children, young scientists or the general public. Seven grants were awarded in our Autumn round:


The “Cell Explorers” show (Mrs Muriel Grenon, National University of Ireland Galway)

The creation of hands on and fun practical for 6-12 years old children and their parents that demonstrates cellular and molecular biology. The Cell Explorers show will be run on the final exhibition day at the Galway Science and Technology Festival (

Illustrating drug target interactions using molecular models (Steve Rossington, University of Salford)

An interactive workshop that uses molecular modelling (through computing

and actual model making) to introduce the idea that certain drugs fit into specific shapes of a host protein (or enzyme). The workshop will be run for 15-18 year old students in the University of Salford’s labs, and also taken to local and national science festivals.

Cambridge Hands-On Science (CHaOS) Summer Roadshow 2013 (University of Cambridge)

A summer road show run by volunteers, travelling to areas of the country less well provided with science events. Using an established range of over 50 hands-on experiments, the team hope to show children and their families that science is fun, relevant and something that they can understand. Find out more and read about last year’s road show here:

Biochemical Cluedo (Dr Graham Armstrong, Breadalbane Academy)

A ‘Cluedo’ event for secondary and primary students, where they will complete a range of scientific tasks in order to identify a ‘murderer’.  The tasks will include biochemical stations including; blood type analysis, poison analysis, blood spatter analysis (using luminol), analysis of fibre and DNA analysis. Further stations such as fingerprinting, footprint moulding and identikit drawing will be run in order to ensure the ‘story’ for the Cluedo challenge is complete.

STEM Fair – Young Investigators Day (STEM Team East)

As part of the Duxford STEM Fair, STEM Team East will deliver an activity for primary and lower secondary aged pupils that introduces the components of a cell called “The Incredible Edible Cell”.  They also learn about some of the key scientists from history who played an important part in adding to our knowledge about cells. The pupils then make a scientific model of plant, animal or specialised cells, and build a structural model of DNA.

Real Life, Real Science (Babraham Institute)

A programme of school visits by PhD students and principle scientists run throughout the school year for primary age students. Visits involve presentations and hands-on activities such as ‘DNA extraction’, ‘States of Matter’, ‘Digestion & Health’, ‘Microorganisms’, ‘Muscles & Bones’, ‘Vision & The Brain’ and ‘Sound & Hearing’.

As with previous rounds, we had lots of excellent applications so the judges had a tough time choosing the awardees. However, we are very pleased with the successful applications, and are excited to see how the activities all go.

The next deadline for Scientific Outreach Grants will be in April 2012. More information can be found on the Society’s website:

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