in2ScienceUK; a placement scheme for gifted A-level science students from low income backgrounds

We are pleased to announce we will be providing funding to in2Science UK, a charity run scheme that provides lab placements to gifted A-level students from low income backgrounds.

Gifted A-level science students from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds face major obstacles in securing places at top research universities. in2scienceUK offers these students the chance to work alongside leading UK scientists in order to improve their scientific communication, reading, and writing skills. The goal is to increase the number of disadvantaged students successfully applying for scientific research degrees at top UK universities.


In its pilot year in2scienceUK placed students in research labs throughout London.   All of these students have now been awarded University placements, an astonishing 100% application success rate. In its second year the scheme organized 22 placements, with 80% of these students applying to university.  Evaluation of student data collected pre and post placement indicated that this programme was instrumental in raising personal confidence levels, increasing their scientific communications skills, and improving their knowledge of the University admissions process.

Onur Citkin from Highbury Grove School (London) gained a placement with Professor Maria Fitzgerald at University College London to study neurobiology in 2010, and is now enrolled at Imperial College London. He said . . . .

“I found the whole experience highly fascinating.  I have learned so many new skills and learned what research science is really like.  in2scienceUK has inspired me to study neuroscience in more depth”

In addition to sponsoring five students through the in2ScienceUK scheme annually, the Biochemical Society will include an option for delegates attending our events to donate £10 to the scheme.

You can find out more about how the in2Science scheme works on their website:

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