A* Science Club Launch

A* Science Club is a scheme for supporting enthusiastic secondary students in Uganda who want to have fun and inspire others through guided science club activities. Our mission is to encourage kids to get into science through wonder and fun. We hope to support young people by providing them with some simple activities that they can do in their clubs.

On our recent trip to Uganda, Gemma and I were working with 10 teams of students from schools in Mbarara and Bukinda. We held a genetics “Masterclass” event for around 80 students at Mbarara University of Science and Technology where the teams heard talks and undertook some fun practical activities. During the event, we enrolled the teams onto our “A* Science Club” scheme and gave them packs of resources (paper and dvd) to help them undertake five simple challenges. We hope these clubs will successfully complete the challenges and remain supported by the scheme.

Gemma and I will be returning to Uganda in April to check on the progress of our ten schools in Mbarara and to establish a Ugandan based committee and more clubs in other areas (including Kampala where the idea was welcomed at the Ministry of Education and Sports and the Kampala City Headteacher’s Comference). We will be refining the programme over the next couple of months to ensure the scheme is sustainable and to give participants the best chances of success.

To find out more about the scheme and to keep up to date with new developments, please join our Facebook group.

Thanks, Jane

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