Sponsored Event Grants: Promoting discussion in Portsmouth

Guest post: Biochemical Society member, Sassan Hafizi (University of Portsmouth) 

Sponsored Event Grant: Portsmouth
IBBS (University of Portsmouth) staff at Institute of Marine Sciences, Eastney

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth Institute of Biomedical and Biomolecular Science (IBBS) gathered at the picturesque peninsular location of the university’s Institute of Marine Sciences, Eastney, on 13th September 2012. The purpose of the meeting was to enable PIs to talk informally in front of their peers, introducing their research work, capabilities and plans, as well as to participate in focussed discussions. The meeting was timely and relevant, as it had been many years since a PIs-only event had been held, and many new staff members with distinct research profiles had since been recruited. Moreover, it was necessary to bring researchers together in a remote and peaceful setting, so as to be able to effectively focus on matters of scientific and strategic interest to the IBBS.

During the course of the day, the whole range of exciting scientific developments and expertise across the IBBS was conveyed, in particular highlighting strengths within the areas of gene regulation, structural biology and molecular cancer research. An additional benefit was gained from presentations by invited clinical researchers working locally in Hampshire NHS trusts; this facilitated discussions into new translational projects.

Overall, the meeting was a great success, both for showcasing as well as re-evaluating the direction of molecular and biomedical research at Portsmouth; the family photo on the roof attests to everyone’s satisfaction on the day!

Sponsored Event Grants

This event was funded through a Biochemical Society Sponsored Event Grant. Further information or to apply visit the Society’s website.

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