On the road with BBSRC

This blog post was written by James Lush, the Biochemical Society’s Policy Officer

BBSRC will shortly be holding a number of consultation events to review progress in delivering the current Strategic Plan and consider ‘opportunities for the future’.  This pleasingly open-ended brief means that these events could be very interesting and informative, as well as giving participants the opportunity to make their voice heard.

Going on the road to Cambridge (4 Oct), Bristol (12 Oct), Manchester(30 Oct), Glasgow (20 Nov) and London (28 Nov although unfortunately fully booked) will be:

Further details, including how to register, are available at BBSRC’s website. If you’re coming to Manchester, do say hello. I’ll also be reporting back afterwards, and the slides from the presentations will be made available online.


BBSRC have also just made an announcement regarding a set of competitions on ‘Fostering Innovation’. Whilst ‘Innovator of the year‘ and ‘Excellence with impact‘ are not new, ‘Activating impact‘ is, and will make awards to Knowledge Exchange/Commercialisation/Transfer teams. The rationale behind this is explained in this FAQ document (PDF). It will be interesting to see how well-received it is, but represents an interesting foray into this area.

Impact fans may be interested to know that the press release contains the word ‘impact’ 18 times!

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