Biochemical Society launches grants to help support scientists with young families

Stay Connected Bursaries
Helping support scientists with young families

The Biochemical Society is launching a new grant scheme to support the attendance of scientists with young children at Biochemical Society conferences from January 2013.

The bursary is intended to help scientists to ‘stay connected’ by supporting the attendance of members at Society conferences on a period of parental leave or who require help with childcare support. Successful applicants will receive free registration for a Biochemical Society conference or free accommodation for a child care provider.

Early in 2012 the Society undertook a survey concerning a number of issues surrounding women in science including awareness and value of our activities and issues facing women in science. One of the main themes running through the responses was the challenge that scientists face balancing a career and having a family. Many of those on maternity/paternity leave or with young children felt it became difficult to keep up to date with current research and it subsequently hindered career progression.

Women in Biochemistry 2013

Throughout 2013 the Society will celebrate the past, present and future influence of women with interests in the molecular biosciences with a series of events. Look out for further details in the coming months.

For further information and to apply visit the Biochemical Society website. 

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