Meet the Society’s 6000th member

There has been good news for the Biochemical Society this summer as our network of members reached 6000 during June. Hear from our 6000th member, Dr Jacqueline Howie from Dundee, about why she joined the Society.

Name: Jacqueline Howie

Stage of career: Postdoctoral research assistant

Institution: University of Dundee

Educational background: BSc (hons) Anatomical sciences and PhD life sciences

What are you working on at the moment? Control of ion transport in cardiac cells

Why did you join the Biochemical Society? It is an excellent way of meeting and interacting with other people in science through the many meetings which are held

Which scientist do you most admire and why? Prof Sir David Lane, he taught me as an undergraduate and was so down to earth and interesting, and genuinely excited about science.

Which scientists would you invite to your dream dinner party? Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, John Hunter, James Black, William Harvey

What would you consider your career greatest achievement? Surviving my PhD!!!

What single thing the Society could provide would improve the quality of you working life? Creating a framework of support for students and early career researchers

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