Scientific Outreach Grants: what we’ve funded this summer

The Biochemical Society has awarded the next round of Scientific Outreach Grants. These grants support innovative and engaging events or activities for school children, young scientists or the general public. Seven grants were awarded in our Summer round:


  • The structure of biochemistry is sweet! (Claire Murray, University of Reading, UK)
    The Young Crystallographers Group (YCG) of the British Crystallographic Association (BCA) will developan outreach activity to help demonstrate the fundamental role of lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and DNA in everyday life, and tohighlight the essential functions these biomolecules perform in our bodies and our world. As well as holding anevening of crystallographic entertainment in a pub using arange of tools including marshmallows, and slinkies, it will reworked so it can be taken into schools.
  • A laboratory-based molecular biology course for school teachers (Dr Jonathan Marchant, University of Minnesota Medical School, USA)
    A 5-day course for school teachers, providing participants with a hands-on laboratory experience in basic molecular and genetic methods. The ethos is to help teachers who received theirtraining many years ago to gain hands-on experience in techniques which they are expected to teach their students, but have nopractical knowledge of performing themselves.
  • The African Science Truck Experience (Ms Amy Buchanan-Hughes and Aaron Barker, TASTE)
    A mobile teaching laboratory for Lwengo District in Uganda. A team of trained staff will be trabellinging a specially built “science truck” providing students with the chance to carry out laboratory experiments, reaching over 3000 students.
  • The Science of Disease (Debbie Bevitt, Newcastle University, UK)
    A workshop for sixth form students introduce 6th Form students (Years 12 and 13) to techniques which scientists use in thediagnosis and management of disease. In previous years, places have been awarded to  over 300 students from 14 different schools to attend workshops on: The immune system in human disease, biochemistry of clinical diagnostics, the effect of drugs on enzyme activity; responding to a possible chemical terror attack, pregnancy and delivery.
  • Everything about me (Steve Rossington, University of Salford)
    ‘Everything about me’ will showcase the science of the human body by highlighting through a serious of spectacular chemistry demonstrations the biological and chemical importance of the elements constituting the human body.
  • Heart of a champion busking activities (Techniquest, Cardiff)
    A number of activities for families and the general public, focusing on sport, exercise and healthy lifestyles. Activities including an interactive science show, exhibits related to the human body, and hands-on activities. Techniquest will work in partnership withstaff at University of Glamorgan, Faculty of Health, Sport and Science to help develop the activities. Activities will be facilitated by Techniquest and University of Glamorgan staff.
  • Moving molecules and Munching Molecules workshops (Surry SATRO, UK)
    New bioscience workshops aimed at primary school children in Surrey. Moving Moleculaes will be a half day workshop for  up to 60 key stage 1 children, involving collecting bugs and using microscopes. Munching Molecules will be for up to 90 key stage 2 children, using microscopes to analyse the make-up of food and evaluate the effectsof certain foods on dental care.

Alexa Hime, Education Manager said, “As usual, we had lots of excellent applications so the judging was tough, however we are very pleased with the successful applications, and are excited to see how the activities all go”.

The next deadline for Scientific Outreach Grants will be in September 2012. More information can be found on the Society’s website.

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