Biochemical Society Transactions introduces new ‘Gateways’

Biochemical Society Transactions front cover
The newly redesigned Biochemical Society Transactions front cover

Portland Press Limited, the Biochemical Society’s publisher, today launched the redeveloped Biochemical Society Transactions website by introducing Gateways – new themed collections within the online journal:

  • Bioenergetics and Metabolism
  • Cell Biology
  • Development and Disease
  • Genes
  • Molecular Structure and Function
  • Signal Transduction

Professor David Richardson, Honorary Editor of Biochemical Society Transactions, said, “The aim of the Gateways is to improve access to and navigation of the content in the journal. By browsing the latest papers via the Gateways, the vast range of scientific content in the journal can be easily separated into collections of papers in different areas of interest, and the Gateways also highlight the diverse scientific fields in the cellular and molecular life sciences that have been published in the Journal.”

Biochemical Society Transactions

For more than forty years, the exciting science presented at the Biochemical Society Annual Symposium, Focused Meetings and Society-supported Independent Meetings has been captured in Biochemical Society Transactions as a series of mini-reviews . The Journal provides researchers with a timely snapshot of the latest developments across a range of topics in the cellular and molecular biosciences and is an essential teaching resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The extensive Biochemical Society Transactions archive has been digitized and is available online to all members of the Biochemical Society and subscribers to the journal. The archive, which extends back to 1973, includes Medal Lectures from the many eminent molecular bioscientists who have been recognized by the Biochemical Society for notable achievements in their respective fields, as well as papers from the hundreds of esteemed researchers who have presented their work at the Society’s meetings over the decades.

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