Future teachers discuss talking bunnies

Our programme of teacher professional development courses continues to provide up-to-date resources and a fail-safe framework for teachers to engage their pupils in discussions about socio-scientific issues. In April and May we returned to Oxford Brookes University and London Metropolitan University to work with our 3rd consecutive cohort of science PGCE students.

The students at Oxford Brookes discussed comparisons between using animals and embryos in research while London Metropolitan students discussed the pros and cons of genetically engineering rabbits to talk! Feedback was very encouraging and we have been booked to go again next year as part of their enrichment programmes. A special thanks to Alexa Hime for helping out with the London workshop.

Dialogue in Science

‘Dialogue in Science’ are free CPD training workshops, designed to increase teacher’s confidence in facilitating discussions on hard to teach subjects in the classroom. ‘Dialogue in Science’ supports the teaching of the topics covered on the SciberBrain website.

By Jane Thomson, Schools Projects Manager, Biochemical Society

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