Bioscience Reports to convert to full open access

The Biochemical Society is pleased to announce that its peer-reviewed journal, Bioscience Reports will be accepting submissions for Open Access from 2nd April with the first full open access issue available from August 2012. For more than 30 years Bioscience Reports has published articles on the fundamental mechanisms involved in cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry to enable our understanding of normal development and diseases.

Caroline Black, Managing Director of Portland Press, has confirmed the reasons for the transition of Bioscience Reports to open access: “Portland Press is committed to exploring all ways of broadening access to and dissemination of research. We believe that for Bioscience Reports open access is the most appropriate way to achieve this and are excited about the opportunities ahead for the journal. This development also supports the Biochemical Society’s mission to promote the molecular and cellular biosciences for the benefit of all.”

To keep updated, join our communities on Facebook (BioscienceReports) and Twitter (@bioscireports).

One thought on “Bioscience Reports to convert to full open access

  1. Open Access is the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles.

    Open Access is also increasingly being provided to theses, scholarly monographs and book chapters.

    Open Access comes in two degrees: Gratis Open Access is no-cost online access, while Libre Open Access is Gratis Open Access

    plus some additional usage rights.

    Open content is similar to Open Acces, but usually includes the right to modify the work, where as in scholarly publishing it is

    usual to keep an article’s content intact and to associate it with a fixed author or fixed group of authors. Creative Commons

    licenses can be used to specify usage rights. The Open Access idea can also be extended to the learning objects and resources

    provided in e-learning.

    OMICS Group Inc. is one of the Open aceess publisher which provides journals in the form of Open Access.

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