Ready, Steady, Gopher!

Demonstrators try out the inflating hand experiment

Getting set for the Gopher Science Lab at Aylesbury Grammar School, coming soon on 10th February. The activities were tried and tested last night by our lovely 6th form demonstrators and we spent 3 hours in Asda yesterday getting the stuff for the packs! More information about our new Gopher Science Lab activities can be found here.

Gopher Science Lab

In conjunction the Society of Biology we are piloting a new event called “Gopher Science Lab”, where we will invite six teams of inquisitive primary school students and their teachers to a local secondary school for science demonstrations and fun.

2 thoughts on “Ready, Steady, Gopher!

  1. Reading today’s issue of Nature..”Cultural history holds back Chinese research” (p411) suggests that spreading the Gopher concept to Chinese schools may be worth pursuing, much as the Biochem Soc Education staff spread Sciber project abroad. What do you think, Gemma? (Well, my hunch is that you are already on to that..).

    1. Thanks John! The plan is to set up the scheme so anyone, anywhere can run it. The tricky bit is co-ordinating the schools and that is where they need help as they are always so very busy.

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