Conference News

Conference Webcasts

A new initiative of the Biochemical Society is to make webcasts of speaker presentations available online. The first collection of webcasts includes short five minute overviews of presentations given at the Mithophagy and Nrf2 Signalling Hot Topic Events held last month.

What’s been going on?

The Annual Symposium proved to be a great success with Professor Sir John Walker opened the meeting by giving his Keilin Memorial Lecture and Tracey Gloster, the winner of an Early Career Research Award closed the meeting two days later. There was a pub quiz and Conference Dinner which served as entertaining breaks from the great science being presented. A Biochemical Society Transactions Oral Communication prize was awarded to Christopher Pudney (University of Manchester, United Kingdom) for his talk entitled “The elucidation of the anaerobic biosynthesis of vitamin B12

The third conference in the Bionanotechnology series concluded on 6th January. The scientific programme has been exciting and many discussions continued into the poster sessions. The winner of the Biochemical Society Poster Prize was Ruud Peters, from Radboud University (Netherlands), pictured for his poster on polymersome nanoreactors as artificial organelles.


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