The Year in Science – Xmas Quiz

This blog post was written by James Lush, the Biochemical Society’s Policy Officer

Monday 28 November 2011
19:00, The Book Club, Shoreditch

From the team behind Science Question Time, we bring you the nerdiest quiz of the year. Think you know your biochemistry from your badgers, and neutrinos from your nuclei? Or just want to relive your old sciencey school daze? Then grab some friends, come down to The Book Club, and show us what you’re made of.

Helped by some special guests, we’ll be dredging up the year’s breakthroughs and blunders in science – taking in its highs and lows in the media, as well as use and abuse in politics.

There’ll be prizes for the geekiest costumes, nerdiest names, and brainiest teams. Confirmed guest round hosts so far include:

  • Aleks Krotoski, host of the Guardian’s Tech Weekly podcast (Technology round)
  • Pallab Ghosh, the BBC’s Science Correspondent (Politics)
  • Alex Bellos, author of “Alex’s Adventures in Numberland / Here’s Looking at Euclid” (Maths)
  • Adam Rutherford, presenter of the BBC’s “The Gene Code” and “The Cell” (Science Fiction)
  • Sophie Scott, UCL neuroscientist and public engager (Brains)
  • Louise Crane, co-organiser of “Science Showoff” (Picture rounds)

Entry is just £4, and teams can be up to 6 people. Any profits will go directly to support CaSE’s science & engineering advocacy. Buy your tickets here (you can enter as a team or we will sort it out on the night)!

Brought to you by James Lush at the Biochemical Society, Imran Khan and Beck Smith at the Campaign for Science and Engineering, and Dr Alice Bell.

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