Sir Alec Jeffreys talks to Warwick Students

Sir Alec Jeffreys spoke to 250 16-18 year olds at Kings High School, Warwick on 2nd November 2011 about Genetic Fingerprinting. Students from different schools in and around Warwick attended. The talk entitled “Genetic Fingerprinting: past, present and future” was organized by in collaboration Kings High School, to engage pupils with science, through meeting a real life scientist, working on cutting edge research. Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys currently works on genetic variability and mutation in human and animal DNA and was the subject of the Biochemical Society interview series Eureka Moments.

Annabel Sims, teacher, King’s High School, said …” Sir Alec was a brilliantly engaging speaker and his lecture kept the whole audience rapt for an hour. The case studies of crimes, immigration and paternity disputes solved by DNA fingerprinting were touching and the case of the inbreeding Ibises was very amusing! Students remarked how Sir Alec had made the science feel relevant to them and how his enthusiasm had inspired them.”

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