Frontiers in biological catalysis

The next Biochemical Society Annual Symposium will take place in Cambridge in 2012. ‘Frontiers in biological catalysis’ will focus on the role of catalysis in key biological processes, highlighting reductionist approaches and their integration.

This CPD accredited symposium, the most prestigious in the Society’s conference programme will focus
– Hot topics and recent approaches in biological catalysis
– Biological catalysis in action: linking enzyme dynamics, structure and function
– Synthetic biology and enzyme biotechnological application
– Enzymes, pathways and metabolism
– Enzymes in drug discovery

The organizers David Leys, Andrew Munro, Emma Raven, Martin Warren have created a symposium to stimulate wide-ranging discussions between delegates from a multidisciplinary background on the ongoing developments and increasing complexity of the subject matter.

Two of 2011 Award winner will also be presenting at the meeting. The Keilin Memorial Lecture is to be given by John Walker. Tracey Gloster, an Early Career Award winner, will be presenting ‘Hijacking a biosynthetic pathway yields a glycosyltransferase inhibitor within cells’

The abstract deadline is 1st November 2011.

For more information on the symposium and to register, please visit the Biochemical Society website.

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