SciberBrain at the British Science Festival (14–15 September)

Jane Thomson and Alexa Hime have just returned from road-testing our new ‘Brain chemistry’ school resources with three groups of 14 – 16 year olds in Bradford with our topic champion Dr Andy Doherty (University of Bristol). Each group had a 90 minute session exploring the ethical issues surrounding cognitive enhancers and debated the following questions . . .

  • Should taking cognitive enhancers to pass exams be considered cheating?” Year 11 students at Immanuel College , Bradford.
  • Should cognitive enhancers be made available to everyone?” Year 11 students at George Salter Academy, West Bromwich.
  • Should cognitive enhancers be available in all countries?” Year 10 students at Cathedral School, Wakefield.

Feedback suggested that most of the students enjoyed hearing what their peers thought about the issues and the majority hadn’t considered these questions before the festival.

The teachers from George Salter Academy said “Excellent starter activities which got the student talking comfortably” and “Well done for getting them to debate an issue, they showed great insight“.

One thought on “SciberBrain at the British Science Festival (14–15 September)

  1. This is wonderful. There are questions that many would wish to think about but very few take time to think about until someone help them to think. what you are doing is helping the silent majority get a voice in science. thank you

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