Centenary celebrations for school students in Uganda

To celebrate the Society’s Centenary further afield, we are supporting events during the National Science Week in Uganda. Headed up by our Local Amabassador in Uganda, Deusdedit Tusubira from Mbarara University of Science and Technology, we are happy to sponsor a one day workshop for secondary students. The workshop aims to bridge the gap between young people and practicing scientists in Uganda, through practical work, presentations, debates and awarding prizes.

Further information: Flyer

9 thoughts on “Centenary celebrations for school students in Uganda

  1. This is a good start and if all schools in uganda can have such interest in science hands on practical and research work then indeed poverty and disease can be eradicated

  2. Joshua says
    Great !!!!!!, to have science come back to life. Thanks scientist for that great workdone. God bless u all. long live, scientist.

  3. Yeah! This is hilarious, it is a moving innovation i wound wish to nature passionately. I had always thought so that science has a lot to offer, TRUE and the better for us to encourage everyone if possible to go science. Just look at how science and technology has changed the world over, turning it into a single global village, communication, travels, trade, …the list is endless just because of science life has become simple. I can not imagine the technology that infiltrated our health sector, making diagnosis simple and treatment real. I personally love science and dare not to miss any ingredient there contained.

    Thanks friend.

    Good luck and rock the world scientifically

  4. THanx to the biochemical society. social transformation comes from so many corners. This work will lay a foundation for many generations to come. In African societies we are a long way to contributing significantly to science as compared to our contempraries from other continents.

  5. Thanks very much Mr.Tusubira Deus, for the good work you are doing.It is true that science is a fondation for every thing as far as students are concern. With centenary celebration for school studends,it will help them to put theory into practice, mainly for those who can not get chance of handling some of the apparatus and equipment.

  6. Thanks Mr.Deus .Tusubira for the effort, if we can have scientist in the country then every thing will be solved.Bringing students together it can help them to contribute aids and share knowledge,not that but also to put theory into practice,by handling some of the apparatus and equipment.

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