Get stuck in to summer

Eisenthal Prize Winner: Lily Huang

As part of our centenary celebrations, the Biochemical Society has awarded £100,000 to Summer Vacation Studentships. As part of the scheme the Eisenthal Prize of £500 will be awarded to the top ranked student applicant.

Professor Robert Eisenthal, formerly of the Biology and Biochemistry Department at Bath University, was a long standing and active member of the Biochemical Society. Sadly, Robert passed away on October 16th 2007. In his memory the Society instituted The Eisenthal Prize to honour his commitment to science education and wishes this prize to be a lasting mark of respect for a colleague who did so much to make the Studentship scheme so successful.

The 2011 winner is Jie Lily Huang from the University of Cambridge. She will be carrying out her placement at the University of Cambridge, with Dr Paul Digard, on her project entitled “Role of Rab11-family interacting proteins in influenza virus assembly and budding”.

Lily said, ‘I can’t believe summer is here already, and I’m more than ready for a change of pace from studying in libraries to actually getting some hands on experience (the transition from learning broad spectrum facts for classes to doing research that is very specific, very in depth, and at the edge of knowledge will be welcome indeed)’.

Good luck to Lily and all the other students who were awarded a grant. We’ll let you know how to keep up with the Summer Vacation Studentships next week.

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