Discovery100: The results are in …

How do you summarize the past 100 years of discoveries in the biological sciences? That kind of challenge would be daunting for any one person – but fortunately, we had you to help.

In the past 100 years scientific and technological advances have transformed the way we think and live. As part of the Society’s Centenary celebrations we requested a panel of experts to decide on 10 of the most important biochemical discoveries. We then provided nine of these for our members to rank according to their importance and impact and the results are in.

  1. Structure of DNA & RNA
  2. Enzymes and protein structure
  3. Central metabolism
  4. Regulation of protein activity
  5. Second messengers & receptors signalling
  6. Cell cycle control
  7. Biological membranes & targeting
  8. Organization & evolution of genomes
  9. Ion gradients & bioenergetics

While we are pleased with the list we have, we welcome your comments about the discoveries we may have missed. Perhaps there are breakthroughs we’ve dismissed or those we’ve addressed may deserve a more extended mention. Whether you love it or hate it please let us know what you think by commenting below. You can see some of the comments we’ve already received on our website.

3 thoughts on “Discovery100: The results are in …

  1. Whole genome sequencing
    Not just for what it has revealed about the “life” on the planet but more so for how the deciphering of the codes is going to affect and likely change, in the years to come, the way we understand life

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