Biochemical Society Transactions – fully digitized archive now available

To celebrate the Biochemical Society’s Centenary year, the complete archive of Biochemical Society Transactions has been digitized and is now available to online subscribers.

The Journal’s extensive archive, which began in 1973, includes Medal Lectures from the many eminent bioscientists who have been recognized by the Biochemical Society for notable achievements in their respective fields, as well as papers from the hundreds of esteemed researchers who have presented their work at the Society’s meetings over the decades. In 2008, Biochemical Society Transactions incorporated papers from the Biochemical Society’s Annual Symposium, the most prestigious event in the Society’s meetings calendar. Each Symposium covers a selected topic at the forefront of research in the cellular and molecular life sciences.

You can search the Biochemical Society Transactions archive by author, paper title, meeting venue, meeting date, key words, publication date or free text. For access to the archive, your institution must have a current subscription to Biochemical Society Transactions.

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