Revisiting the old and characterizing the new

Proteins with a BPI/LBP/Plunc-like domain: revisiting the old and characterizing the new  ( 5-7 January 2011 )

 With the help of organizers Sven Gorr and Colin Bingle the meeting on Proteins with a  BPI/LBP/Plunc-like domain got the year off to a good start. Whilst the weather in Nottingham was decidedly chilly, the science was ‘hot’ and provided ample opportunities for exciting discussion and debate.

One plan for the meeting was to generate comprehensive nomenclature for members of this family and reach a consensus within the field. Currently the nomenclature, particularly with regard to the newer members, is confusing to the outside observer. The conclusions from the debate will hopefully resolve some issues and help the field to develop. The nomenclature discussion was helped with advice from a member of the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee. If you’re interested in the outcomes of the debate, get your hands on a copy of the meeting proceedings due to be published in Biochemical Society Transactions Volume (39) part (4) in August!

The Biochemical Centenary Poster Prize was awarded to Cristianne Cordeiro from the University of Ottawa, Canada for her poster entitled ‘Ovocalyxin-36 is a candidate LBP-like eggshell membrane protein’.


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