Biochemists working in industry – a collection of case studies

Guest blog post by Skevoulla Christou (University of Surrey, Biochemical Society Intern and author of ‘Biochemists in Industry’)

Biochemists can be found doing a range of jobs in various working environments.Biochemists in Industry cover Biochemists in Industry outlines the kind of work biochemists do in various sectors, as well as the skills required for these roles. As part of my research I met Erin, Edward and Sibylle, who told me about their jobs and how biochemistry has played an important part. Read below for a snapshot of their case studies…

Erin Mozley, Senior Clinical Scientist

I was interested in aspects of both biology and chemistry, which led me to do an undergraduate Master’s degree in Biochemistry (MBiochem) at Oxford University. At a careers fair, I came across the NHS stand and discovered clinical science. Clinical science appealed to me as it was a good mix of biochemistry and medicine so I applied for the NHS training scheme.

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‘Young Blood’ Carmen Coxon attends ISTH 2015 Congress in Toronto thanks to Biochemical Society Travel Grant


‘I am a postdoctoral research scientist at the University of Bristol. My main research focus is to better understand how platelet function is regulated, and how it can be utilised for therapeutic gain. In particular, I am interested in small molecules that modulate platelet function and prevent pathological thrombus formation whilst leaving the response to injury (physiological function) in tact, a characteristic which current antiplatelet drugs lack, as their inhibitory action on platelets means that patients often have unwanted bleeding side effects.

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Steven Bradburn gets physical in Melbourne thanks to a Travel Grant from the Biochemical Society


‘I am a final year PhD student at the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) working with Dr Chris Murgatroyd. My research focuses on investigating inflammatory mechanisms underlying age-related cognitive decline in humans, and the role of exercise. I was awarded a £400 travel grant from the Biochemical Society to enable me to undertake a three month laboratory visit at Dr Sarah J Spencer’s lab at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, Australia.

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Parliamentary Links Day: placing science and engineering at the top of the political agenda

Clare Viney, Royal Society of Chemistry at the Parliamentary Links DAY organised by the Society of Biology
Clare Viney, Royal Society of Chemistry

Even though I started working as a Science Policy Assistant at the Biochemical Society and the Society of Biology less than a month ago, a lot has happened, and all of it very exciting. One might wonder how this joint position works (in the beginning so did I!) The Biochemical Society channels its policy work through the (soon to be Royal) Society of Biology, therefore it is useful for the both organisations to have one person who coordinate the joint policy work.

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